​​We are a non profit working toward receiving charitable status and are extremely grateful for your contributions.

We know that there are many generous people in our lives who love to feel connected to the good works that they are contributing to and a number of these people have suggested we add a page where they can go to choose directly from a list of needed items.

This is the page!

At this point our most pressing requirement is a permanent home for the herd.

Five to 20 acres,  ideally fenced with shade/trees/shelters or a barn with walk outs and pasture.

We do not require a riding ring or indoor arena however we wouldn't say no to either!

A rental home or suite would be amazing! 

Storage for stacking chairs, some tack and feed.....washroom facilities!!

We would happily share a facility if our philosophies regarding the psychological requirements of a healthy happy herd are compatible.

The property would be used as a home to the horses, five presently.

We would also be eager to work in connection with those in the healing art professions.

Our work is ambient and blends perfectly with all modalities.

Our visits are often for one or two people but can occasionally involve a dozen or more therefore accessibility and nearby parking is required.

Due to our close relationships with local First Nations we would love to be able to find a property on the Saanich Peninsula.

Financial donations toward monthly stabling fees are always welcome.

Currently the cost per month includes hay and is $400.00 per horse.

If you would like to sponsor a specific horse's board costs please let us know which horse you prefer; Grandmother Jet, Wit, Trinity Red Star, Sirius Eclipse or Venus DreamWalker.

Every six weeks the horses' hooves must be trimmed.

The cost for this service provided by our professional farrier Ken Beaver is $210.00

In addition to the hay the horses eat they also require a feed supplement which has been formulated to meet their vitamin/mineral needs. It is called Equical and currently costs $20.90 per bag. Depending on the hay variety (the supplier brings a mix) and weather we feed 2-3 bags per week.

​Wheelbarrow. 6 cubic feet poly bucket with a single wheel.  $150. - $300.00

Bedding Fork $22.00

Poly Water Troughs $350.00

Baker Nylon Halter with Leather Breakaway Crown $60.00

​10 ft Cotton Lead Rope $20.00

​The Medicine Horse Sanctuary Society is accepting applications for the following volunteer positions;

Grant researcher/writer.

Website designer

First Nations Liason

Volunteer Coordinator

 Medicine Horse Sanctuary Society