What people say about the services we provide

"The Way of The Medicine Horse has always shown to be culturally sensitive and aware when being an alternative caregiver we trust while leaving our members to this servicing."

K. Bill, ​From Tseycum First Nation

"I have brought our children, youth, parents, Elders & staff to The Medicine Horses for energy healing. emotional healing, inter-generational trauma healing and more...

...I have children and families in the program with medical needs, mental illness, substance abuse, suicide ideation, inter-generational impacts from residential school, anxiety, epilepsy, FASD, PTSD, cancer and others needing the kinds of healing therapies offered by The Medicine Horses"

R. Tanner, Headstart Coordinator,

Tseycum First Nation

"I am writing this letter in support of the amazing healing work the staff and clients of Hulitan Family and Community Services (HFCS) have experienced through the Medicine Horses....

....HFCS believes strongly in providing clients opportunities for both mainstream and traditional healing methods and have used the Medicine Horses as a resource numerous times over the past nine years.....

....The experience is life changing, healing and very spiritual."

K. Gage, Executive Director

Hulitan Family and Community Services

"I just wanted to spend a moment thanking you again for the time I spent with you and the horses. I found the experience gave me additional insights into my own life and certainly grounded me in the present moment. A very wondrous and healing time.

Given my work with the Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use Collaborative and given that friends are involved as volunteers in mental health agencies for young adults, I can only imagine the benefits of spending time with the horses for traumatized, anxious, depressed, ill and those suffering from addictions of all ages.

Mostly in our society, people ask what do you do? And in describing an experience with the horses they will ask the same question. However, the horses offer an entirely different experience - one that is hard to find in our pressing, busy and "productive" lives ie. I found the horses offer an opportunity just to be.

Just like some of the professionals, youth and adults in the Collaborative started claiming "BE" experiences through yoga practice, art and mountain climbing as part of their healing, the horses offer another option.

Given my experience, and now that I have also done a quick review of the vast benefits of therapeutic horses, I would urge you to let people know that time with the horses as part of a therapeutic treatment will: reduce anxiety, provide focus, help with healing trauma often the underlying cause of addictions (especially Adverse Childhood Experiences), build confidence and self knowledge/worth and increase self reliance.

How wonderful if professionals, agencies and ministries involved with the mental health of children, youth and adults in this region had the opportunity to offer this additional therapeutic option.

​V. Tregillus, Victoria BC