Tina Barnes


Tina brings an entire life of experience studying horses from a unique perspective, that of a emotionally sensitive being.

In her early days in the public school system she was labelled emotionally disturbed which in these days would be defined as autism.
This 'disturbance' led her to leave the school system in her early teens and into her comfort zone, being with horses and since 1986 she has been involved in an independent study of domestic herd behavior and integration.

Her ability to notice small details and patterns along with her highly attuned 'emotional intelligence' allowed her to piece together unique energy integration gifts that particular horses utilized to bring balance to the society of the domestic herds.
She pieced together the language of the horse that she calls Marespeak. 

A language all horses know.

Tina has worn the hat of successful coach, trainer and breeder of national champions leaving the world of competition to be able to be a better voice and advocate for the horse.

Tina is married to Les Barnes, is mother to two children along with two step children and seven grandchildren.
​Her passions are horses, horses and more horses......and teaching what she knows.