​medicine horse sanctuary society

the sanctuary

is located on Vancouver Island in 

British Columbia, Canada.

The property is a rental where the horses' needs can be best met.

The choices that are inherently necessary to their physical and mental health are available at this location.

Important to the Medicine Herd is the ability to have freedom to move and interact with one another at will.

They have free choice hay and water sources, seasonal pastures and are fed daily vitamin and mineral requirements. Hoof care is provided by a farrier every 4 - 6 weeks dependent on the individual needs of each horse. Veterinarian care is provided as required while all other routine care such as deworming is carried out by the qualified caregivers at the farm.

We welcome prearranged visits to the Sanctuary which can be arranged here.

Educational opportunities are available and the Society welcomes opportunities to work with Post Secondary Education Facilities. Our hope is to become part of an Indigenous Social Work or Counseling Certification.

Contact the Society to express interest.

Your donation toward the ongoing care of the herd, toward visits for those who might not otherwise have the opportunity or toward the fees associated with the location are greatly appreciated.