The Way Of The Medicine Horse

is an 8 session experiential discovery of the methods the horses use and the effects they have on visitors.

Based on first hand knowledge, wisdom passed down through the ages, students will witness and fully integrate energy redirection techniques as taught by the Medicine Herd.

Graduates of the program will be better able to support their clients when they attend sessions with the Medicine Horses.

Change is inevitable during these visits.

As the Medicine Horses balance and ground energies emotions will arise and the best support comes from those who have already integrated the energies and have understanding of the process.

Designed to best suit

  • teachers
  • medical professionals
  • health care providers
  • parents
  • guardians
  • social workers
  • ​equine therapists

​Cost:  $850.00

Special consideration for First Nations applicants 

Sliding scale for low income

Scholarships are sometimes available dependent on donations / grants

Minimum of five participants

Maximum of ten participants

Please email expressions of interest to Medicine Horse Sanctuary Society

​Fall and Spring dates to be announced.

TrueHeart Discovery Programs

​are individually designed according to the needs of the group.

The herd of five Medicine Horses provide the basis for teaching and healing while participants learn the horses' ways.

Programs begin October 2019.


Located on site at the farm in Saanich on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.