The Medicine Horse Sanctuary Society provides a safe haven wherein the herd is kept at its optimal rested state so that healing can occur on the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental levels.

The Medicine Horses sense imbalances and restrictions in the natural flow of force and quite simply bring themselves back into balance bringing all within their energy field back into balance along with them.

It is difficult to explain with the written word and must be experienced to be fully understood.

We are often asked to describe the process and also asked who can benefit.

The horses have logged success with reducing

  • symptoms of PTSD
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • suicidal thoughts
  • hyperactivity
  • more

​They are expert at increasing

  • self awareness
  • self esteem
  • calmness
  • clarity of purpose
  • more

​Sessions can be arranged with a number of professionals depending on the client's needs.

​A trained facilitator is always in attendance.

partnering with horses, naturally

Prior to European contact Native Americans had natural ways of becoming friends and partnering with horses.

Stories are told of feather fans being waved gently over and around the horse and of songs being sung that lulled the horses into a calm trance like state.

Post contact introduced power over techniques such as trapping the horses in corrals and 'breaking them'.

The energy sensitive youth of today refuse to accept these techniques.

We teach a true natural horsemanship through the language of the horse.


strong women talking circles

held on Saturdays closest to the new moon each month

Next gathering February 22, 2020

Email to rsvp

​by donation toward the care of the Medicine Horses

Strong Woman Talking Circle Dates 2020

Feb 22

March 21

April 25

May 23

June 20

July 18

Aug. 15


Oct 17

Nov. 14

​Dec. 12

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dreamcatcher workshop

with Meena Olund

​March 14 2020

$50.00 includes primary materials

Bring personal embellishments

the art of tasseography

coffee reading

with nazli khosravi

March 7 2020

The Way of The medicine horse

Yoga with the medicine horses

​with Nazli Khosravi

​Ongoing classes throughout the fine weather seasons.

​Begins April 5 2020

​medicine horse sanctuary society

Please join us for an afternoon, blending the powerful healing vibrations of the Medicine Herd and the equally powerful vibrations of authentic Australian Didjeridus for the Root, Sacral & Heart Chakras

February 9 2020

Note..this event was such a success that  we will be hosting another in April!

Thank you to all who came out to support the Medicine Horses!

​private and group sessions

An 8 session experiential discovery of the methods the horses use and the effects they have on visitors.
Based on first hand knowledge, wisdom passed down through the ages, students will witness and fully integrate energy redirection techniques as taught by the Medicine Herd

Graduates of the program will be better able to support their clients when they attend sessions with the Medicine Horses.

Change is inevitable during these visits.
As the Medicine Horses balance and ground energies emotions will arise and the best support comes from those who have already integrated the energies and have understanding of the process.
Designed to best suit

  • ​teachers

  • medical professionals

  • health care providers

  • parents

  • guardians

  • social workers

  • ​equine therapists

 Cost:  $850.00
Special consideration for First Nations applicants
Sliding scale for low income
Scholarships are sometimes available dependent on donations / grants
Minimum of five participants
Maximum of ten participants

 Please email expressions of interest to

Medicine Horse Sanctuary Society