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 The majority of equine therapies currently offered are based largely on colonial systems and while the average person might not notice a difference the Indigenous youth of today will.

We at The Medicine Horse Sanctuary often hear of youth being enrolled in nationally accepted therapeutic programs only to lose interest within a session or two.

How We Are Different

​Ours is not a 'talk therapy' model nor is it a hippotherapy model.

At the Medicine Horse Sanctuary we explore the horses' natural world in a hands on skill and knowledge building experience.

What 'The Way' Looks Like

Visiting youth either individually in private sessions or in organized groups arrive at the farm and begin to learn how what they are feeling and therefore how they are behaving affects what the herd of horses feel and how they act.

The youth experience the changes in the way they feel while witnessing the 'Ways' the Medicine Horses balance and ground the energy.

The youth learn about non verbal communication and especially about their abilities to communicate telepathically with the horses.

The Teachers and Facilitators

Tina Barnes leads the visits with support from trained apprentices as well as other professionals.

Dr. Naida Hyde is often present and gives valuable feedback to help us going forward with designing optimal encounters for the youth.

Tina is a Master Medicine Horse Practitioner and has been leading such groups for several decades.

More about Tina can be found here at Thirteen Moons Farm.

First Nations Endorsements

Tina Barnes has worked closely with members of several local First Nations and their families as well as from Six Nations in Ontario and has many testimonials from same.

​The Medicine Horse Sanctuary Society is currently working closely with the WSANEC Leadership Secondary School and is open to working with similar groups.

Colonial Horse Programs tend to utilize methods that create a 'power over' the horse either through round pen work designed to boost self esteem or through anthropomorphic reasoning that leaves the client confused and uneducated as far as useful horsemanship is concerned.

Youth passing through our program will leave with life long valuable knowledge not only regarding horses, but themselves and the natural world around them.

We invite you to learn more about us by arranging a visit.

To experience the Medicine Horses at work is proof itself.

 partnering with the horse, naturally

 and its importance when working with Indigenous youth