​medicine horse sanctuary society

The Logo for the Medicine Horse Sanctuary Society was designed on commission by Sheilagh Margaret Mercer who resides in Ontario Canada.

The elements of Eagle and Horse speak to a relationship that developed several years ago between the Medicine Horses and a pair of eagles that moved near to the farm where the horses were residing.

It became clear to Medicine Horse primary caregiver Tina Barnes that the Eagle pair directed a daily ritual of meditation and communion that the Medicine Herd responded to and in fact looked forward to.

Tina documented through photographs and later video the interactions of the horses and eagles.

For six and one half years they continued the ritual only taking breaks during a few weeks each summer when the eagles would leave the area to seek alternate food sources.

When relocation became necessary not once but four times the eagle pair found their way to wherever the horses landed proving the depth of their commitment.

​The pair often encourage their offspring to visit and take part as well.