​medicine horse sanctuary society

The mission of Medicine Horse Sanctuary Society is to support wellness, the release of trauma, and the harmonious co-existence of all sentient beings, through the care and protection of Medicine Horses and through the provision of opportunities for people of all cultures to experience healing benefits through interaction with Medicine Horses.

Medicine Horses are equine empaths: mares and stallions (geldings) born into a wide variety of settings, distinguished from other horses by their unusually large hearts, naturally gifted in moving energy in themselves and in other horses and human beings, and typically identified by intuitive healers.

Medicine Horse Sanctuary Society supports the development and refinement of non-adversarial communication between humans and also between humans and all species, and thereby increase individuals’ and groups’ ability to release pain, alter restricted energetic dynamics in a system, and to experience and offer a greater flow of love.

The objectives of the Medicine Horse Sanctuary Society are to:

•   Revive ancient knowledge pertaining to Medicine Horses.

•   Promote understanding and wellbeing of Medicine Horses.

•   Enhance wellness by enabling, and teaching, energy grounding and rebalancing through a variety of programs and visiting options.

•   Host events that foster cross cultural reconciliation between First Nations and other Canadians, on both individual and community levels.

•   Offer sanctuary to Medicine Horses in need of temporary or ongoing shelter and care.

Provide the ground for study of energetic interactions between human and horse that result in healing: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Provide opportunities for youth to learn how to be with horses in a natural non-dominant, non-adversarial manner through the language of the horse, MareSpeak.

Medicine Horse Sanctuary Society serves horses recognized as Medicine Horses, horse owners and trainers, people in pain, students of Consciousness, and children and adults of all cultures.