Medicine Horse Luc with one of the loves of his life, a child.

Medicine Horse Masters Program

Graduates of the Academy of Medicine Horses can take part in an ongoing supportive program wherein you facilitate programs that you have designed and are implementing.

You will have identified your Medicine Horse partner(s) or those of a facility that you are affiliated with.

You will have selected your human partners to assist in your sessions as well as your preparation partners, those people who groom the horses and otherwise provide daily care.

You will have been diligent in choosing individuals with a heart to improving the lives of people and most importantly the lives of therapy horses everywhere. You will teach what you have learned and spread the wisdom and knowledge.

  • program implementation and facilitation
  • advanced quantum energy healing techniques
  • excellence in teaching practices
  • blending healing practices and practitioners
  • creating and setting ethical standards for your business

Students will journal during this process along with sending video taped sessions to the Academy from time to time for constructive feedback.

Comments from your clients as well as students if applicable will be solicited for evaluation.

When the student and the Academy determines that a level of mastery has been achieved a final fee of $750.00 will become due and payable at which time the title of Medicine Horse Master will be given.

International Academy of Medicine Horse Masters Program

The Academy and its work is dedicated in loving memory to all of the Medicine Horses past present and future, but most especially to Lucillus (Luc 1986-2013) who spoke of the time he would no longer be with us to show us the way. He told us of the need to prepare to teach others. The time is now.