Medicine Horse Facilitator

Five Days

Cost $1500.00

Prerequisites Levels One Two and Three

All horses are teachers. Some horses are healers as well as teachers.

Medicine Horses go beyond the roles of healer and teacher.

In order to maintain the optimum health and overall happiness of Medicine Horses some special techniques apply.

The Medicine Horse Facilitator module offers the student an opportunity to learn how to read the movements that are unique to these incredible energy healers.

You will learn how, when and why to step in to assist the horses while they are at work.

Whether it is a private session or large groups that you are working with you will be at ease and so will your equine partner.

You will learn by way of reading pedigrees in the case of registered horses and/or 'feeling through connection' with the non-pedigreed horses to discern and identify Medicine Horses. You will be well on your way to identifying your healing partner or healing herd.

  • Equine Harmonic Focal Point Therapy
  • Medicine Horse Husbandry

International Academy of Medicine Horse Programs

Medicine Horse Facilitator