The indefinable 'IT'......

We've an Elder, a Cree woman who visits regularly.

I love our conversations.

To many people she would be seen as 'really out there', but to me she...well we get each other.

We talked about why we can't seem to write about what we do.

She carries many teachings about Medicine Horses that have been passed down through generations of her family and although she has been asked often to write down what she knows, she can't, or won't.

I get that.

We get that there is a certain lack of understanding unless you are someone who has 'IT'.

'IT' is a special kind of spirit that moves with you, and through you and yet is you.

'IT' is a knowing beyond a hunch or a feeling. You can't read about 'IT'...and have 'IT'.

To pretend to have 'IT' would be foolish...the horses know those who have 'IT' though they were once you..or you they.

If you think you have 'IT'....come see me.

If you want to pretend to have 'IT' a book.

We are in the process of moving the herd to allow for expansion of our programs.

We will be accepting new applications spring 2019.