Medicine Horse  Facilitator

Five Days

Cost $1500.00

Prerequisites Levels One Two and Three

All horses are teachers. Some horses are healers as well as teachers.

Medicine Horses go beyond the roles of healer and teacher.

In order to maintain the optimum health and overall happiness of Medicine Horses some special techniques apply.

The Medicine Horse Facilitator module offers the student an opportunity to learn how to read the movements that are unique to these incredible energy healers.

You will learn how, when and why to step in to assist the horses while they are at work.

Whether it is a private session or large groups that you are working with you will be at ease and so will your equine partner.

You will learn by way of reading pedigrees in the case of registered horses and/or 'feeling through connection' with the non-pedigreed horses to discern and identify Medicine Horses. You will be well on your way to identifying your healing partner or healing herd.

  • Equine Harmonic Focal Point Therapy
  • Medicine Horse Husbandry

​​    Dates to be announced

Level Three, Facilitator

Five Days

Cost $1500.00

Prerequisites Level One and Level Two

  • review Levels One and Two
  • advanced energy techniques
  • breath work
  • advanced horse psychology
  • advanced horse handling
  • integration
  • entrainment
  • raising, lowering, blending energies
  • energy redirection techniques
  • maintaining flow while remaining balanced and grounded
  • one on one work with clients
  • one on one work with horses

Candidates who successfully complete Levels One, Two and Three are capable of facilitating their own programs.

​October 1-5, 2018

Level Two, Facilitator Assistant

Five Days

Cost $1000.00

Prerequisite Level One

  • review Level One
  • basic horse psychology
  • how the horse thinks and learns and the relativity to autism, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and post traumatic stress disorder
  • energy centers of the horse
  • belief systems
  • the horse as our mirror, our magnifier - how and why
  • the ways our thoughts can help or hinder
  • letting go of outcomes and agendas
  • in depth study of the ways energy moves through and heals without the need to relive or retell stories

Level Two is recommended for Equine Assist Therapists, Hippo therapists,  Child and Youth Care Workers, Professionals working with autism, ptsd, add, adhd, fasd et al

Level Two  allows the participant to assist the  Facilitator both inside and outside of the working arena.

​August 13 - 17, 2018

email to inquire about registering.

​If you are coming from out of the area there are reasonably priced accommodations nearby.

The goal of the academy is to educate those who are entering the world of equine therapies as well as those wishing to add to the knowledge base of their existing therapy work.

It is of utmost importance to the horses that their human counterparts enter their careers with a good background in equine psychology, horse husbandry combined with energy healing.

This knowledge base ensures the therapy horses live a long and happy life.

After decades of success we offer the best.

International Academy of Medicine Horses Advanced Equine Therapy Techniques

Medicine Horse Luc with one of the loves of his life, a child.

The Academy and its work is dedicated in loving memory to all of the Medicine Horses past present and future, but most especially to Lucillus (Luc 1986-2013) who spoke of the time he would no longer be with us to show us the way. He told us of the need to prepare to teach others. The time is now.

The Academy is new, however our classes are not. Tina Barnes has been living these teachings since she was a child and officially teaching these courses since 2003. The Academy of Medicine Horses has been brought to life in answer to a demand from her students as well as those entering the realms of Equine Therapy and wishing to do so with utmost integrity.

Students who have studied successfully with Tina in the past and wish to continue on with some of the more advanced techniques can contact her to see at which level they might be able to be 'grandfathered' in.

In order to qualify and to be 'grandfathered in' for certification the student will be required to demonstrate mastery in the following areas: Energy Redirection Techniques, Equine Harmonic Focal Point Therapy, Medicine Horse Husbandry, Medicine Horse Identification.

Additionally, the extent to which these proficiencies are reflected in the quality of the relationship and teamwork with the horse in actual engagement will be a factor in determining readiness for certification.

Medicine Horse Masters Program

Graduates of the Academy of Medicine Horses can take part in an ongoing supportive program wherein you facilitate programs that you have designed and are implementing.

You will have identified your Medicine Horse partner(s) or those of a facility that you are affiliated with.

You will have selected your human partners to assist in your sessions as well as your preparation partners, those people who groom the horses and otherwise provide daily care.

You will have been diligent in choosing individuals with a heart to improving the lives of people and most importantly the lives of therapy horses everywhere. You will teach what you have learned and spread the wisdom and knowledge.

  • program implementation and facilitation
  • advanced quantum energy healing techniques
  • excellence in teaching practices
  • blending healing practices and practitioners
  • creating and setting ethical standards for your business

Students will journal during this process along with sending video taped sessions to the Academy from time to time for constructive feedback.

Comments from your clients as well as students if applicable will be solicited for evaluation.

When the student and the Academy determines that a level of mastery has been achieved a final fee of $750.00 will become due and payable at which time the title of Certified Medicine Horse Master will be given.

Level One, (Volunteer Positions)

Two Days, Maximum Class Size Eight

Cost $350.00

  • energy of the horse
  • our energy
  • working together, blending
  • methods to increase healing energy in both horse and human
  • balancing and grounding
  • integration
  • re-connection
  • energy scans

Level One is suitable for anyone wishing to gain insight and wisdom into the horse as a healer as well as your personal healing abilities.

This is a prerequisite for all other levels as well as being a prerequisite for those working as grooms and any other volunteer positions. 

​June 30, July 1, 2018 in Victoria BC. ** note date change**

September 8/9, 2018 in Victoria BC.