​medicine horse sanctuary society

astrology and the medicine herd

​with Melanie Lichtinger

Sunday March 29, 2020
1:13 - 4:13 PM
Please arrive by 1 PM

Thirteen Moons Farm
334 Walton Place (off of Oldfield Road in the Oldfield Valley)

Maximum 8 Participants Guaranteed

Our circle will intentionally gather at THIRTEEN MOONS FARM, home of Five MEDICINE HORSES:
The 'Elders' WIT and JET, as well as the 3 Medicine Mares SIRIUS ECLIPSE, TRINITY RED STAR (both 8 years old), and VENUS DREAMWALKER (age 7, born under the Venus Passage / Lunar Eclipse in June 2012!).
We will experience their ways of re-balancing one's energy field / Chakras, and to re-align and BE with the force of Life.
TINA will guide and explain how the Medicine Horses balance energy, what they teach us, and how we can apply and practice it in our own lives.

With our personal astrological birth chart, we have a great tool which shows the 'STAR MAP' that we were born under, and gives us sign posts for the Life Journey. The 'territory' is our lived experience.

With YOUR birth chart, we will identify and tune into your astrological, archetypal CHIRON, your Inner Shamanic Healer / Teacher.
It describes what's 'unusual' about us - maybe because we have what society might consider a 'challenge', or something that’s hard to explain to others, and might have caused us to retreat into our 'inner outsider cave'.
Yet this can be also our biggest gift that not only 'heals' us ("Like heals like”) but also 'initiates' us to 'teach' and inspire others.

An important CHIRON time in life happens round age 50 for everyone (so-called "Chiron Return", as Chiron has a 50-year cycle) when our original Chiron themes come full circle.
A life initiation to become the 'Chiron Elder'. Besides that, our CHIRON themes can be activated at any given time.

MELANIE can help you identify at the astrological part of our gathering what these CHIRON themes are for YOU, and how to tune in most naturally, and supported by the Universe.

If you haven't had an initial comprehensive astrological session please consider setting one up before or around the time of the gathering. It can help you deepen conscious awareness of your own CHIRON themes which we'll explore in the group setting.

Note from TINA:
"MEDICINE HORSES are presenting themselves and making themselves known around the world at this time.
You might ask, "What is a Medicine Horse?"
A Medicine Horse is constantly bringing himself or herself into perfect energetic balance.
No matter who or what enters the energy field of these magnificent healers, no matter how off balance they might be, the Medicine Horse will bring them along into a balanced state as they rebalance and reground themselves.
They have no agenda. No willfulness. Just a simple desire to remain in balance. They do not judge.
The horses who are presenting themselves as Medicine Horses have an extremely high vibration which they turn up and on while they are working, and although all horses are beautiful creatures there are a select few who are able to maintain themselves in a healthy mental state while they engage in their work.
At Thirteen Moons Farm we are blessed with five Medicine Horses, WIT and JET, SIRIUS ECLIPSE, TRINITY RED STAR, and VENUS DREAMWALKER. We also invoke and enjoy the powerful energies of the late LUC and BLUE STAR KACHINA.
There are many ancient texts along with oral histories that speak of the animals who can heal...and of their return to Earth. In the book The Gift of the Unicorns, the pineal gland in humans is referred to as being activated by these magnificent animals. Many visitors to the Thirteen Moons Medicine Horses can attest to this activation along with countless other shifts and changes in physical, mental and spiritual health.
You can experience this gift from the horses from any distance that is comfortable for you! No need to feel anxious if the physical size and power of the animal seems overwhelming. We have yet to discover in a measurable way the diameter of the encircling healing energy field, but we do know it is bigger than we think!
More and more the horses are telling us that they came to show us the way to balance and ground...and did not come to continue to do this FOR us.
Tamsah Pen-Tha Kishkikosh Mide ~ Woman Who Walks With Horse Medicine.

Your birth information (date, time, place) with your email registration, for the astrological CHIRON part of the afternoon (if Melanie doesn't have your chart yet).

INITIAL comprehensive ASTROLOGY SESSION available and recommended.

I'm scent-sitive to any non-natural fragrances, so please be mindful. We're working in a close-up space.

Thermos / water bottle, and dress according to the weather

with MELANIE (e-transfer to
The gatherings fill up fast – reserve soon if you would like to be part of it.