The Horses at Work

Trinity Red Star, a registered paint is one of three sisters.

Born in 2011 she along with her sisters were born into a herd in a natural environment that included many half siblings, aunties and the herd sire.

Her extreme sensitivity to the slightest change in energy has been nurtured as best we can in our somewhat unnatural human 'compounds' called farms.

​Her language is intact....and she more than most prefers to communicate telepathically.

The youngest member of our herd is Venus DreamWalker. Born in 2012 she is a full sister to Sirius Eclipse.

Born during a full moon Venus transit she brought not only the genetically supersized heart that all members of our herd have but she is proving to be the epitome of love.

A favorite of young and old her magnetic draw is undeniable.

​Venus DreamWalker

​Sirius Eclipse

​Grandmother Jet


​Trinity Red Star

Sirius Eclipse, born in 2011 is one of the three sisters. As with her sisters she has been allowed and indeed encouraged to keep her highly sensitive nature and therefore her extreme healing abilities intact.

​She has taught us about the unraveling of ancestral DNA and the more malleable RNA and has proved herself to be adept at both.

​Born in 2002 Wit is a registered Hanoverian gelding. His dam was Dollar Girl, his sire Weltmeyer.

He is the only male horse in our herd at this time which is mainly due to natural herd dynamics and limited space.

Once successful in the show arena as a jumper and later as a dressage mount he is now best known for his ability to help people remember their true divine nature and to assist them in reconnecting to their soul purpose.

Grandmother Jet is the oldest member of the herd, the Matriarch.

We've decided to stop telling people her age and simply say she is extremely healthy and happy for a mare past her twenties. She is registered both as American Quarter Horse and Sport Horse.

It was said that she could never be turned out with other horses as she seemed to want to hurt them.

​In truth she was seeking to help them....

The Medicine Horse Sanctuary Society is dedicated to the care of The Medicine Horses of Thirteen Moons

and to the deeper understanding of all horses Some frequently asked questions can be found here​.

Our caregivers for the herd are referred to Guardians, specially trained individuals many of whom began with the herd as clients.

They have studied several modules in theory as taught by Tina Barnes but also and perhaps more importantly have spent years caring for the horses in all kinds of conditions and have proved themselves as incredibly dedicated.

​They have been accepted as apprentices.

Very few people are accepted into the apprentice program led by Tina Barnes.

The first criteria is that applicants have a natural healing ability which can show itself in almost any area of life.

They also must have the ability to know when they are ready to approach the herd...when to work with their energy form away from the herd...and when to keep a distance perhaps taking the day off.....

A rare gift.

The Guardians have The Indefinable It.

'The Indefinable It'......

We've an Elder, a Cree woman who visits regularly.

I love our conversations. To many people she would be seen as 'really out there', but to me she...well we get each other.

We talked yesterday about why we can't seem to write about what we do. She carries many teachings about Medicine Horses that have been passed down through generations of her family and although she has been asked often to write down what she knows, she can't, or won't.

I get that.

We get that there is a certain lack of understanding unless you are someone who has 'IT'.

'IT' is a special kind of spirit that moves with you, and through you and yet is you.

'IT' is a knowing beyond a hunch or a feeling. You can't read about 'IT'...and have 'IT'.

To pretend to have 'IT' would be foolish...the horses know those who have 'IT' though they were once you..or you they. If you think you have 'IT'....come see me.

If you want to pretend to have 'IT' a book.

I raise my hands to the guardians of our herd.

If you are out of our area and would like to experience the healing power of Medicine Horse do not hesitate to contact us.

We have several former students who have established herds in Ontario, Canada as well as California, USA.