The Medicine Horse Sanctuary Society is a British Columbia, Canada, Registered Non Profit.

Registered Charity Status has been applied for and is in process. 

All horses are teachers

Many are healers

Some are both....

A very special few are Medicine Horses

The Medicine Horse Sanctuary Society is proud to be located within the territory of the WSANEC NATIONS.​

We work closely with the WSANEC LEADERSHIP SECONDARY SCHOOL BOARD providing weekly visits to students. Your donations can provide opportunities for more youth to engage and learn from the Medicine Horses.

Medicine Horses have long been revered in Native American Plains Cultures. 

Considered to be few among the many they brought gifts of bravery, interdimensional travel, healing and prosperity to the people.

The founder and president of Medicine Horse Sanctuary Society Tina Barnes has been studying the effects of Medicine Horses on people and all beings as an independent researcher since 1986.

Tina has mapped predictable methods and outcomes and created an easily understood language she calls MareSpeak.

By spending time watching the herd of horses interact in a natural environment much can be learned about the society of the horse that translates directly to the human to human experience.

The Sanctuary serves to protect the horses, share the wisdom and and above all connect the community of like heart-minded people.

The Society endeavors to deliver programs to individuals and groups designed to encourage empathy, understanding and growth in all areas of our lives.

Through a variety of these inclusive programs it is a primary goal of The Society to ensure a plan of succession and future sharing is established.